About Us

Pixamos - Your Famous Story.

Pixamos is online photo management and sharing application - has a main goal:
We help people to create and share their Stories in pictures.
You can create Stories about people, events, places, causes, important matters etc.
You can create a Story about yourself and make it famous by sharing it via numerous social channels provided by Pixamos.
We provide an easy way to organize your photos into meaningful Stories, add a Story line in a description, add description to every photo in a Story.

You can still upload single images without creating a Story, if you want to.
You can create a Story later and add your single images to it.
But remember, there are so many exciting things in this world that waiting for you to tell their stories.
Click on Upload link in the upper menu and start creating your stories!

This website is made by photographers for photographers and photo enthusiasts.
If you have any suggestions on how to improve Pixamos please send us a message on Contact Us page. 

The difference between "Like" and "Favorite" on Pixamos:
"Like" is a sign of appreciation of someone else's photo.
"Favorite" is more like a bookmark. It is not only a sign of appreciation but also you save this photo to your " My Favorites" page and can review it later.